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Looking for housing (end of Jan. - mid Feb move in date)


I am a early 30's queso loving CF (I kind of hate that abbreviation! But when in Rome...) looking for a room/roommate for a late January to mid-February move in.  I'd love to stay in the Capitol Hill, Navy Yard, SW, neighborhoods....but I supoooooseeeee I could think about something outside of that area.  I'm like....really fun (but we don't have to be besties), usually out and about (but when I am home I like to eat and watch Hulu).  My profession lends itself to a weird schedule (but it shouldn't really affect you). I like dogs (but don't have one), don't like cats (only because I can't breathe around them and they are soooo sassy).  I'm totally open to men or women (CF or CM as it were) as roommates and I come bearing amazing chili making skills, the need to have everything in its place, a record player, and a pretty great sense of humor (if I do say so myself!). 

My budget is somewhat flexible...but like...let's not get crazy. Something under $1500 would be great. #DollaDollaBillzYall 

Let me know if you're looking, got a spot, or know a place!  



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