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CF looking for private bedroom nearby Georgetown University

Hello every, 

My name is Josie,  a georgetown upcoming 2nd year graduate student. I am also a new Christian, Because my old lease up to August 1st and I’m temporarily living in my friends’ house at most until Sep 1st, So I hope to find a new home quickly. I hope the home could be convenient to Georgetown, glover park, rosslyn, Doupon circle are all cool.  And my expected price is $800-$1000 in total. 

About me, I am 23, international student from China and study mathematics, do some coding usually, and now working in nonprofit financial institution for summer intern. I love clean and quiet and I pretty enjoy cooking dancing, running. I could cook delicious Chinese food for you if you like. My favorite book is Harry Potter since my childhood, and favorite TV series is Game of Throne right now. I’m a new Christian and right now taking church membership classes every Sunday. I guess that’s brief about me.

If your room is available please let me know, thanks! My phone is 7186666354, email:

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