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CF needs room in DC area

I'm a young professional female looking to move soon. 

I have a medium sized dog who absolutely loves people and is 100% housebroken. She was not socialized with other animals when she was young (she's a rescue) so she has to be the only dog in the house. I'm willing to pay an additional pet deposit. For my dog I need a backyard. 

I mostly work, run, play with my dog, and relax at home. I occasionally play board games with coworkers and volunteer with the humane society. I work as an engineer and I normally work around 9 to 5. Typically speaking I tend to be more lazy but with friends or roommates who want to do so, I am more than willing to go hiking and kayaking (and similar activities). I enjoy a mix of being on my own and hanging out with roommates or friends. 

I go to Redemption Hill DC church though I have been to NCC before. I attend a community group with RHC as well.

Looking to spend a max of $900 for rent and utilities but would prefer to pay less.

Looking for a private room. Would also be interested in looking for an apartment with another person in need of one.  
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