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Looking for 2 CF to fill an H St. NE 4 bedroom house


2 Christian women in their late 20's to 30's who are clean, and want to live in a house full of life (and fun) and community. We are looking to move in mid-end of June.

The place we are trying to move forward with renting would mean that we need to fill the house with an additional 2 women to make it affordable... with the goal being to keep it around $700-$800 range depending on the bedroom.

General info:
The house is a newly renovated beautiful space 1927 H St. NE. 
It is a 4 bedroom (all slightly oddly shaped), 3.5 bath, with a great gas stove kitchen.
The back "yard" is just a fenced in cement parking space for one.
We need at least one more woman to be on the lease/application, but hopefully the timing works out for all four of us to do the application process together.

In terms of the neighborhood, I did not feel uncomfortable, and all of the yards were taken care of nicely... Plus, I have a huge dog, so we would be fine ;)

Our details:
I am 32 years old, I work for NCC, and I have a large well behaved Great Dane.
I have most of the furniture that would be needed in the common areas: couches, kitchen table and chairs, grill, lamps, shelves, and a large amount of kitchen stuff. (But obviously am open to your stuff joining mine!)
I am pretty clean, especially when it comes to the common areas.
My goal is to create a house full of community and life, and communication is important to me.
I host a dinner small group every Monday that you would be welcome to join! 

The other woman/housemate is Rachel. - I won't share her information for her, but she's great!

I'm happy to answer any questions!
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