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Seeking CF to fill spot in a large 4 BR house in Arlington ($850/mo)


We're searching for 1 woman to fill my spot in a 4 bedroom house in Arlington (Westover neighborhood). You can read a little more about the three wonderful women you would be moving in with below. 

If you're interested or have any questions, please email me at

A little about the roommates:
My three roommates are young professionals in their 20s who attend different Arlington and DC churches. They have a gift for making our home a peaceful, homey place to be able to come to after work and enjoy being in on the weekends. We like connecting about what's going on in our lives and sometimes do things together as roommates, but we also have our own lives, groups of friends, and commitments that we do on our own. We enjoy having friends over every now and then for dinner or the occasional Netflix binge (only after okaying these visits with the other roommates, of course). Whoever ends up filling my spot in the house is in for a real treat - these women are gems!

I recently moved out, so we're hoping to fill my spot anywhere between now and Feb. 1! 

Details about the house:
- 4 BR 2 bath in Arlington (Westover neighborhood)
- Rent is $850 plus utilities, which run between $75 and $125 per person each month
- Security deposit is $850 when you move in, which you will get back when you move out
- 15 minute walk to the East Falls Church metro, and a 5 minute walk to a bus stop
- Free and ample street parking
- Spacious kitchen and living areas (shared spaces are fully furnished and adorably decorated by the roommates, bless them)
- Washer and dryer downstairs (along with another huge living space)
- A nice yard with a fire pit, and several parks and trails within walking distance
- An adorable dog (owned by one of the roommates)
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