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Real Estate Team of Christians looking to hire an assistant

A top producing real estate team within a luxury brand brokerage in Virginia is hiring a Marketing and Operations Manager to assist with the operations and general management of the business.  The interested individual for this position should be self-motivated, able to move from task to task and back again, extremely flexible with their schedule and willing to be trained.   Most of all, a qualified individual must have the ability to adapt to new situations and scenarios quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

This position is responsible for the overall administration and management of the business, which will include, but is not limited to the general duties described below:

·       Manage day-to-day business and customer service operations

·       Manage client contact, perform some agent duties, communicate with clients, organize/schedule property tours, etc.

·       Create marketing materials, including writing language for property brochures, direct advertisement cards, draft language for print advertisement and other marketing materials

·       Develop and manage team social media pages

·       Schedule and track marketing production and advertising schedule

·       Create State of the Market Reports for current clients with active listings

·       Prepare and maintain contracts, addendums, and amendments for all real estate transactions

·       Manage all invoices and track/record all expenses for the business

·       Coordinate contractors and service providers as needed for property settlements and general listing needs

·       Organize inspections and ensure delivery of documents to other agent and settlement companies

·       Respond to requests quickly and have an attitude of availability and willingness to provide support to the overall team regardless of how large or small the assignment, as additional tasks to manage the business will be requested.

·       Must have a willingness to obtain a Virginia Real Estate License

·       Must wear business attire

·       Must be proficient in the use of all Microsoft Office programs

·       Strong and professional customer service oriented oral and written communication skills required


Interested candidates are encouraged to email a resume and cover letter to Ellen Cain at or call 202-676-7070 with questions

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