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Pregnant Couple looking for Summer Housing

edited February 2018 in Housing
Hello! My name is Josiah Wermuth and I'm currently a student at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri. My wife and I are considering moving to D.C. if I am accepted for an internship in the White House. I'm told by my references that there is a good chance I will be accepted. The internship does not provide housing and is unpaid. That poses a financial problem for us, especially since my wife has become pregnant with our first child since I applied. I won't know if I am accepted until sometime in March, and the internship lasts from May 31st to August 10th. In short, we feel that the process of applying has been God ordained so far and we are praying to see if this is His current calling for us. We would need someone to host us in their home for the time that we are in D.C. We can offer help with food costs and housekeeping, and I am an able young man that has some limited experience with remodeling as well. 

The timing seems wrong to me in the natural, but looking closer reveals one of two things to our family: Either God is allowing this to happen so I can deny my own desires and focus on my family, or He has called us to move and rely on others in one of the most vulnerable times of life. I trust God completely and know that whatever happens, His will is the best place to be. My wife once had endometriosis, which has been known to prevent women from having children. This was a huge blow, as we both wanted to have a big family. But God stepped into the picture and healed my wife completely! This child is a testimony to the healing power of God, and the timing was confirmed in both my wife's heart and my own separately. Thus, we know that the pregnancy is in God's timing. Concerning the internship, God caused one of my teachers here at College of the Ozarks to recommend me to the President of my College as a potential candidate for the internship. I felt incredibly honored! I even gained President Davis as one of my two personal references in the application process. The other was an alumni graduate that was visiting the college to speak on communications. She happened to be a Colonel in the Army who works directly with the White House and Pentagon. I connected with her on her first day on campus and she quickly pointed out that networking was key to the industry, citing me as an example! I was very flattered and asked if she would recommend me. To my surprise, she agreed. This whole process essentially fell into my lap, with references that are so connected to the internship program that I can't help but see it as God's handiwork. 

All of this being said, God is amazing and the future is up in the air. Now that the opportunity is approaching, I feel led to reach out the NCC. Pastor Batterson's books have inspired me to dream big and pray big prayers, which certainly include connections in the White House. If you read this message and feel touched, I simply ask that you pray about our situation. If God asks you to host us, we'd love to meet you! If you don't feel led to host us, pray for us! We know the power of prayer and definitely want clarity in this time of decisions. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! God Bless!
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