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CF Seeking Housing

edited July 2017 in Housing
My name is Heidi and I am looking for housing around Southeast DC area or around Union Station. I will be on the Protege team this upcoming year and therefore need to be able to easily get to NCC's office and Ebenezer's Coffee House. My budget is between $500-$800 (for the Protege program we have to raise support, so my finances are limited). I'm looking to move in in late August/early September. 
I'm in my late 20s, love to travel, cook (will even cook for a roommate sometimes!), read, play the piano and guitar, and host people. I'm pretty easy-going, I love to hang out with others, but can also be pretty quiet. I am neat for the most part and like to keep things clean. 
I would like to move in with another person, rather than look for an apartment, but can if needed! 
My email is
Have a great day!


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