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Project Manager, DC Landlord Outreach and Engagement Network

Project Manager, DC Landlord Outreach and Engagement Network

DC Landlord Outreach and Engagement Network Summary: The DC Landlord Outreach and Engagement Network is a new initiative to coordinate outreach to, engagement of, and partnership with landlords to support efforts to end homelessness in the District. The District currently invests millions of dollars each year in rental subsidies to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness to return to permanent housing, and the success of these housing programs depends significantly on the availability of rental units and the willingness of landlords to partner with the City. The Network will coordinate activities across homeless service system, housing programs (e.g., permanent supportive housing, rapid re-housing), populations (e.g., families, single adults, transition age youth), and partners (e.g., government agencies, non-profit housing providers, private sector partners). The goal of the Network is to accelerate progress toward ending homelessness in DC through system-level coordination that increases the effectiveness of existing housing programs by increasing the number of landlords who participate in housing programs and who adopt alternative screening criteria to make their units more accessible, increasing the ability of housing providers to identify housing units, and streamline city-level processes to make the housing process more effective.

Position Summary: The Project Manager of the DC Landlord Outreach and Engagement Network will be responsible for establishing and directing the initiative. Since it is a new initiative, in the first year the Project Manager will establish and build partnerships with key stakeholders, engage stakeholders in collaborative planning, develop a framework for landlord engagement, develop policy to guide the work of system partners, develop marketing and education materials, identify performance metrics to evaluate the initiative, and oversee implementation. As a highly collaborative effort across many groups of partners and stakeholders, the position is funded through Community Solutions and will report to the DC Interagency Council on Homelessness, whose mission is to enhance this type of collaboration to end homelessness in DC.

Contract Engagement Details: The contract engagement is for a 1 year term (with one option year, funding permitting), with a contracting budget of $75,000 - $90,000 annually depending on qualifications. Contract administration will be managed by Community Solutions, though the contractor will report to the Director of the DC Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: • Establish and build partnerships with key stakeholders (people experiencing homelessness, landlords, housing program providers, funding partners, etc.) • Develop the design and implementation schedule for the Network • Engage stakeholders in collaborative network planning, design, and initial set-up (policies and procedures, shared database, coordination workflows, partnership agreements, etc.) • Manage the Network with existing landlord partners and providers (and some additional targeted landlord recruitment) • Coordinate landlord engagement and stewardship o Develop consistent branding and marketing materials across programs that recruit landlords to participate by making a strong business case – anyone from small landlords renting rooms to large companies with many buildings. o Establish mechanisms for a centralized point of contact for landlord partners who have questions, concerns, or other feedback o Develop a coordinated strategy of individual outreach, events, and other advertising to engage new landlords and steward relationships with existing landlord partners o Identify ways for landlords to access resources for eviction prevention, conflict resolution, and other problem solving. • Share information about landlord partners and available units o Develop a shared database for housing programs and landlord partners • Provide training to housing program staff o Coordination of processes and workflows within the network o Best practices (such as mediation), tools for effective housing identification, and other resources • Create centralized tools to streamline the housing application process and reduce tenant barriers, for example o Common application packet that would include paperwork needed for housing funders (DC Housing Authority, Department of Human Services, etc.) and participating landlords o Single credit, criminal, and rental history check that can be obtained by a client once and then submitted to multiple landlords, thus reducing application fees o System connections to the Emergency Rental Assistance Program and other eviction prevention programs • Manage project funds and submit a monthly report detailing project expenditures.

Qualifications and Requirements: Specific qualifications and requirements include: • Strong leadership skills; management of system-level, multi-agency collaboration efforts preferred • Strategic and solutions-oriented; ability to synthesize information, identify opportunities, appropriately assess risks and benefits, build support for strategies, and manage execution. • Demonstrated project management experience • Strong oral and written communication skills • Sales and marketing experience preferred • Experience with homeless services and housing program systems preferred • Masters or bachelors degree in public policy, public administration, social work, business administration, or related discipline, or comparable work experience • Based in the metropolitan DC area

About Community Solutions: Community Solutions works to end homelessness and the conditions that create it. We do it by helping communities become better problem solvers, so they can fix the expensive, badly designed systems that our most vulnerable neighbors rely on every day. Since becoming a 501c3 not for profit in 2011, Community Solutions has worked on a range of complex social problems that contribute to homelessness – from concentrated poverty to urban public health. In collaboration with those experiencing these problems, we test, scale, and share new approaches using effective problem solving tools from other sectors. One of Community Solutions’s core initiatives is Built for Zero – a nationwide campaign to end veteran and chronic homelessness in 70 communities – that has ended veteran homelessness in six communities, chronic homelessness in two, and housed over 66,000 homeless individuals, including over 40,000 veterans since January 2015.

Send resume and cover letter to for consideration.
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