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ISO 2+ Bedroom apartment home ASAP


We, (husband, wife, 2 kids, ages 14 & 8, plus a 30 Lab-terrier) are looking for a new place in the DC Metro area to call home starting in June. Our budget is $1800, and I realize that unmerited favor is required for this opportunity to exist in this area. 

We've been on the affordable housing wait list since September 2016 and was recently notified that we were chosen and in the top 10 to be selected for two apartment in DC. Of course, there is no guarantee and we were fully aware going in. But we had to give our current landlord two months notice or else... 

Well, we did, with hopes that this was our time, a chance we had to take. It didn't pan out and when we revisited a possible lease extension, were told that our apartment has already been rented out. So we have to find a new place. And yes, we can stay in this community, however, surprise surprise, the cost has gone way up. Long Story Short, no pun intended, we can't afford it.:(

If there's someone reading this post and feel compelled to rent out their home at the price we're asking, or know another willing soul, PLEASE email us at

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

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