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CF for large Master Bedroom in Capitol Hill Group Home - Oct. 1 - $1150

edited September 2016 in Housing

Hi!  We're looking for a new gal to live in a beautiful Capitol Hill home where we can have shared Christian community.  Looking for someone in her mid/late 20's or early 30's.

About the House…
*Large, living room/dining room
*Wood-burning fire-place
*Large kitchen
*Back patio with lights and bonfire pit + grill + patio furniture
*W/D in-unit; Central air and heat + all other 21st Century amenities
*Street parking available
*Location: 6th and E NE — 10 minute walk to Union Station, 15 minute walk to Capitol, 20 minute walk to Eastern Market, 10 minute walk to grocery, close to H Street restaurant/bar scene
*Communal living space is mostly furnished with some options to expand, some additions needed
*Separate basement unit with 2 lovely ladies that we call dear friends
*One full month’s rent due at move-in for security deposit
*Rent is due on the 1st o​f​ every month
*Lease is Oct. 1, 2016-Aug. 31, 2017 (11 months, rather than 12)

About the Rooms…
Room 1 — “The Master Bedroom Room” — $1150 ​(pictures attached)
*Comes with private full-bath
*2 full size closets + over-head storage
*Enough space for queen/full bed + tall dresser + desk + really anything you want. This room is big!!
*Windows to the front of house

About the Roommates…
Abbey is in her mid-twenties and has lived in the house for 3 years — ever since she moved to DC from Indiana. She works on the Hill for a Republican Senator. She likes to baking and drinking wine, hosting dinner parties and small groups, gardening and visiting with neighbors, hanging out with her sweet bf and going on long walks around the Hill! She’s an extrovert, loves people and loves living in a group house!! Abbey attends National Community Church and is actively involved in a women’s group and co-leads a summer “small group” for female interns.

Amber is in her early twenties and has lived in the House for 1+ year. Before moving to DC 2 years ago, Amber went to school and grew up in Georgia. Shes works on the Hill for a Republican Congressman. She is an INFJ and enjoys gatherings of friends, going to the movies, and discovering new activities around DC. Amber has attended NCC her entire time in DC and is actively involved in a Hill/Politico small group, leads another dinner small group, and is planning to co-lead a mission trip next summer.

About you…
A fun-loving, community oriented CF wanting to grow and connect with other believers. Ideally you’re already connected with a church and small group and just looking for a new place to call home. However, we’re also open to having gals new to the city join the house!

Some other things…
*Enjoys hosting friends and family for small groups, birthday parties, weekend visits to DC, etc.
*Enjoys keeping the house clean, as well as using and taking care of outdoor space
*Eager to live in a community environment with weekly roommate gatherings, chores and responsibilities

To apply…
Please send an e-mail to with a little bit about yourself, including how long you’ve been in DC, what you like to do for fun, your current and past living situations (how many roommates you’ve lived with, etc.), where you go to church and what you’re involved in at church, and why you want to check out this house! Please include which room you’re interested in.

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