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Guy Needed for Arlington House of Awesomeness

Dear Prospective Gentleman,

You have the opportunity to join an established house of cultured Christian men in Arlington. Some of the many perks include:
   * A classy house that does not look or smell like a men’s dorm
   * Being a stone’s throw away (if you’re athletic) from the East Falls Church metro and Hwy 66
   * An instant posse with whom to build strong community and have storied adventures

We are looking for a gentleman to carry on the established traditions of the house with poise, dignity, and awesomeness. We’re seeking someone already familiar with responsibility who is socially adept and in an established career. All of us attend local churches and take our faith in Christ seriously. We also take our fun seriously.

Rent is very low (we’d rather worry about best fit than $$ — but I am 95% sure you won’t find a better price anywhere in the DC area. Think sub-$800). The room will be available early May 2017. Community space includes a very large kitchen, classy living spaces, typical washer/dryer/dishwasher, an additional fridge, indoor storage, and and a grill-equipped backyard.

Dealbreakers include:
   *Owning a pet (fish excepted)
   *Inability or unwillingness to maintain a clean living space
   *Being unsocial (we choose to live in a group house for community, not just reduced rent, and we’re looking for someone with the same mentality)

Sought-after traits:
   *Familiarity with DC
   *An interesting career
   *Special skills (backflips, culinary aptitude, smoke rings, etc.)

To apply please respond by email ( with the following: (please actually do this)
   *Your name
   *Your age
   *Brief description of who you are and why you would be a good fit

The Tuckahoe Bros



  • Hi my name is Evan Verbal and I will be interning in DC this summer from June 1st to August 11th. I was wondering if you still had space available for this summer?

    About me:
    I am 22 years old and a senior at Colorado Christian University. I spend a lot of time running cross country and track at CCU, and I'm getting close to breaking the 4 minute mile. I love Jesus, fellowship, all sports, hiking, camping, traveling, and politics. In college I've lived with many people, and I can get along with anyone. Currently, I live in an 8 person house and I think that makes me a decent fit! Your house sounds like an enjoyable place and good place to grow.

    Let me know if you have space for the summer!

    Evan Verbal 

  • My name is Joshua Gill.

     I just landed a 2 yr journalism fellowship that will begin on May 30th. The rent is within my price range and I'm familiar with the location. 

    A little about myself: I am 24. Graduated from Baylor University in 2014 with a BA in English and a minor in a Journalism. Since then I've worked as a mountain ranger in New Mexico, and as a journalist and website editor in DC. Most recently I participated in the World Race, which is an 11 month Christian mission trip to 11 countries. My route led through North Africa, the Mediterranean, and on into Central Asia through Southeast Asia. I've been to a few other places as well, so I'm fairly well traveled and well rounded. 

    Given all of that I've developed a great sense of humor, an ability to get along with just about everyone from all walks of life, and some pretty thick skin. I'm outgoing and fun loving and I'm genuinely considerate. 

    Strong Christian community is incredibly important to me. I learned what that kind of community looks like while I was traveling with 23 other people on the World Race, and I know its value and what it takes to cultivate it. That kind of community is integral to discipleship and to a truly rich life. It's hard to find, and that's the major thing that drew me to your posting. 

    And I also value storied adventures, worthy or record in the annals of warriors past. Here is my blog from my travels if you'd like to take a gander at some of my past adventures:

    I don't smoke, (except an occasional cigar or tobacco pipe) but I don't mind if others do outside. I'd love to connect and talk details over the phone. The earliest I can be in DC is probably May 25, but I can skype or FaceTime until then. 

    As for special skills, I am a storyteller at heart. I bake a mean bourbon chocolate pecan pie. And I can scare bears away, among other important things. 

    I can be reached via email at or via phone at 678-502-6107.


    Josh Gill

  • Hi - My name is Terry Parks.  I have been a believer for over 30 yrs, yet I have a young soul.  My son, Kurtis Parks- is the Worship Director at National Community Church.  I am 53 yrs old, and have been involved in pastoral ministry for many years - both in a full time and part time basis.  Professionally, for the last 8 years I have performed investigations for the US Treasury Dept. and I am also a retired military intelligence officer.  I have spent a lot of time mentoring young christian men for much of my life, but I am still a regular dude who enjoys goofing around and having an occasional beer with the guys.  I only will need a place to stay 1 week out of the month, as my work schedule has me in DC about one week per month.  I can be reached at 540-871-5849. Thanks.
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