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Bedroom available in North Arlington $1050 (or $1250)

Two female young professionals (~30yrs old) looking for third roommate to move into 4BR/3BA house in North Arlington, near intersection of George Mason and Lee Highway - MOVE IN on or after March 1.


NOTE: Two large dogs in house, a golden retriever and a black lab - very sweet, well-behaved, love snuggles, and basically anything that breathes.


Available bedroom is on the ground level.  Two bedrooms and bathroom on ground level.  You would be the only person downstairs so the bathroom would be "yours" but also a guest bathroom when guests are over(which isn't super often).  We plan on using the 4th bedroom as another common space/guest room.


Two bedrooms to choose from:

Large bedroom (about 11.5' x 13') on ground level for $1250/month(+utilities). 

Medium bedroom (10.5' x 10') on ground level for $1050/month(+utilities)


House is 1.3 miles from Ballston metro, has on- and off-street parking, fireplace, big kitchen, and a nice deck off the living room.


About us:

Neat but not neat freaks.  Respect shared spaces, and keep them pretty tidy but not going to freak out over a jacket tossed on the kitchen chair or shoes left by the front door.  Looking for someone who is tidy and will contribute to household chores like taking the trash out!


We get along great and spend a lot of time hanging out in the common areas together and our ideal roommate would fit into the house as a friend, not just a co-habitant.


Not huge partiers but like to entertain and have friends over for dinners, bbq, and wine and movie nights.  You're welcome to have guests over, including significant others, but not looking for someone whose significant other basically becomes a 4th  roommate :-)


If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you, please shoot us an email!  We're happy to share pictures of us, the pups, and the house, tell you more about us, and answer any questions you might have.  Would love to meet for a coffee or something and see if we click!


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