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CF looking for affordable housing! Family?

Hi, I am looking for either one or two options! 1) A spare room (perhaps close to Arlington) to move in ASAP and stay until the end of August. Or 2) An affordable room in the DC area with roommate(s). I'm not too picky, just need affordability due to an AmeriCorps stipend. I would honestly love to find a family to live with long term, but know that might be hard to come by! Thanks.


  • Hello Mariah, my family and I (me, my husband, and our 10-mo-old daughter) are in transition and are potentially trying to find a housing situation closer to the DC area, but currently have a spare room outside of Alexandria. Would you be interested in meeting us and trying to find out if our needs might align? We are thinking about doing a long-term cooperative living situation if we could find the right place at the right price with the right people, but right now it feels like a stretch. Your post is giving me some hope.
  • Hi Mariah,

    Are you interested in this listing:

    I’m Andrea, a friend and former renter of Joann’s. She has a lovely home, shared with several Christian women who are still my friends, and would be interested in talking to you. (I moved to be closer to work, but I would recommend this place in a heartbeat!) If you are interested, please call or text Joann directly at 703-328-6716.

     Blessings on your search,



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