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Seeking Male Roomate for Chinatown Apartment August 1st

Greetings! We've got a room for rent in a fantastic large apartment in the Chinatown/Mt. Vernon square area of DC (Green/Yellow/Red lines). We're looking for a male roommate to replace our current one who is moving to New York.

This apartment is awesome! It has a nice kitchen, a massive living space, washer/dryer, and a balcony that rivals the hanging gardens of Babylon. 

We are across the street from a 24 hr safeway, are close to two metro stops (Chinatown and Mount Vernon), and the amenities of this apartment complex (Meridian Mt. Vernon Square) are ridiculous (good gym with some free classes, fun pool, and an amazing roof with a sick view). Plus there are puppers everywhere.

The bedroom goes for $1438 and it has its own large walk in closet, gets awesome sunlight, and has a door that leads to a shared bathroom (you would only being sharing it with Dan).

Pretty much all of the furnishing in the common area of the apartment is our stuff and is staying, so if you're low on furniture, that stuff is pretty much taken care of. Also we pay $33 a month each for a cleaning lady to come, which is working out pretty well.
I'm looking at a of a move-in date of August or late (or even mid) July. The lease will be a year long and starts August 1st. 

About Brendan: I'm a 30 year old guy who works in the Defense sector. I'm originally from NJ, went to college in Texas, and worked in NYC before moving down here where I've been for about five years now. I'm a friendly guy, I love traveling, reading, international politics, outdoors stuff, and doing events around the city. I spend most of my free time doing things with my Church (National Community Church- Lincoln Theater), working on my book, hanging out with my girlfriend, and yelling at children on Fortnite.

About Dan: 24 years old, works at a nonprofit in Arlington, worked in politics prior to that. Originally from New York, went to school in PA, moved down here last year. My free time is split between going out with friends/girlfriend and binging Netflix for hours with no end in sight. I do many of the fun activities that guy ^^ talks about

Our vibe: During the week we are pretty relaxed and keep it relatively quiet at night (I usually wake up at 5:30am) and during the weekend it's much more lively as we usually like to have people over. Every couple of months we throw part of some sort of party (previously parties have been St. Patrick Day singalongs, Winter Olympics competition, a USSR themed birthday party, hotdog eating contest). Regarding cleaning, we strive to keep the common areas as clean as possible, and have a cleaning lady come by once a month to deep clean it all.

About you: We get along with everyone, just please no drugs or cats. Please tell us about yourself, we'd love to know a bit about you!

Please email me at and I can hook you up with some pictures!
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