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Looking for Female Roommate by June 1st


Currently looking for a female roommate to live with me in the Adams Morgan/Dupont or even U st. area by June 1st. I've already found a pretty swanky place for $2500 a month (utilities included), but am still on the hunt for the best deal. 
I'm pretty flexible with timing! 

About me: 
I'm Sydnie, a 24 year old female hailing from Dallas, TX, and moved to D.C. in January 2017 to work in the Senate.

I'm an avid runner, owner of a charismatic french bulldog named Tiki, healthy cooker, singer, city adventurer, and an overall people person. I like to keep things neat, and smellin' good! When I'm home from work, I enjoy working out, watching movies, catching up with one another, and drawing/painting.

My parents were both in the Army, and I moved often... which also means I was raised to clean often haha. I'm great at maintaining and respecting boundaries, and understanding social cues, something I think can be a lost art. 

If not at home, I'm either dining with my sister, going to art museums/galleries, or adventuring D.C. with close friends.

About You: 

The type of roommate I find myself living with is respectful of boundaries, but just as eager to make a friendship, go out and have fun, or stay in for a movie or night of tv show binge watching. I hope you like french bulldogs and cuddles, cause I tend to travel around with a four-legged creature who happens to have both things going for him. Cleanliness is wonderful! I'm not a tyrant, but let's keep it organized, and dirty dishes out of the sink.

If you seem like you'd good fit, please email me some info about yourself!

Thank you- please let me know if you have any further questions for me. 

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