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2 CFs looking for 2 more CFs to share a house!


We are 2 new friends looking for 2 more roommates (friends) for a 4 bedroom house! 

We are looking to rent a single family home or townhouse in Falls Church and am looking for two more girls to join us.  Ideally, close to 66 and 495 that is well maintained and affordable (less than $800 per person).  

We have both toured a 4 bedroom, 2 bath SFH with a sun room, fireplace, patio, and driveway that would be $685/person including utilities! V already has furniture and stuff for the main living areas and C has some appliances and random items for the house as well. But the idea is that this is our collective home so you are welcome to add your items to common areas or just your room is fine too!  

The intention is that our space becomes a community, doing life together and the hope is that the house will be a place where friends - Christian and non-Christian - feel loved, accepted and comfortable whether just hanging out or engaging in deep conversation. 

V is in her early thirties and works as social worker at a local nonprofit. She loves to cook, hike, go to concerts, watching sports, and hanging with friends. She attends community and discipleship groups through her church, Portico, and has a great group of friends in the area.  

C is in her early thirties as well and works for a non-profit that serves kids around the country. She attends Fairfax Community Church and enjoys going to Zumba, going on hikes, cooking, crafts/building things, reading and spending time with family and friends.

If you are interested in potentially being roommates, we would love to hear from you! Both of us have some flexibility but would love to move in around March 1st.  Please email us at


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