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Room Available for Rent in Cap Hill - 7 min walk to metro $740

Townhome in Capitol Hill, one block from Lincoln Park, 5 min walk to Eastern Market. 

You would be moving in with two CF in their mid 20's. Both are extremely kind, very quiet and stay pretty busy.
We live in a townhouse that has two dedicated bedrooms and the third bedroom which we are looking to fill is our living room that we have hung a large curtain to turn in to the third room. It is the same size as the other rooms, a clothing rack will be included and there are two large windows that let in a lot of natural light. Our main floor is the three bedrooms and then in the basement is our Kitchen and living area. 

I am looking to move out beginning - mid April depending on what works for the new tenant. Our lease is through January with the ability to stay longer.

Feel free to respond directly
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