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Room available in 4 bedroom house in Arlington

I'm moving into a new apartment, so I'm looking for someone to take over my room. It will be available from Feb. 1 (the last month of our current lease) and into a new year long lease. 

There's actually 2 rooms to choose from, either a 1st floor room with a bay window or the upstairs room with a couple windows and an entire wall of closets (my current room). All the bedrooms in the house are a pretty decent size, especially for the Arlington area.

About the roommates: 
Great group of women, all around 30. We all pretty much do our own thing but when we have time or are all home we'll have a glass of wine or movie night. There are also two very adorable very friendly dogs who live here who would just love to be friends with you! (definitely not looking for more dogs though)

Looking for a female around the same age (ish). We're all very different people, with very different schedules, so not really too much preference there. We've always been really respectful of each other's space and the common areas, and would expect the same from you. Pretty chill roommates as long as you are respectful 

Rent info: 
We rented the house with only 3 people but 4 bedrooms (4th used as extra living space/guest room). With that set up, the room is $800 plus utilities. There is also the possibility of it being a little lower if you and the other roommates decide to look for another person. Rooms are unfurnished, most of the rest of the house is furnished, but there might a little bit of room as I'm taking whatever furniture I have. May have the possibility of partially furnished if necessary, can definitely discuss with the roommates. 

If you want more info, shoot me an email or text. Can definitely send pictures, just hit me up. 


  • I am very interested and was wondering if this is still available?

    Could you possibly send me some pictures of the room, as well as the common areas?  A few other questions I had were: where exactly in Arlington is the property located; how many bathrooms are there (are they shared by everyone, etc.); and is there a washer/dryer in the house?

    I would love to arrange a time to come and look at it in person; however, I will be out of town until January 2nd, visiting family for the holidays.  I could meet anytime January 2nd or after, though. 

    I did not see any contact information within the post, but it’s possible I overlooked it; however, I can be reached by email at


    Bailey Grant

  • Hi! 
    I am interested in the space!My name is Cristina, I'm a CF, 30 years old and a NOVA Native. I work for a non-profit that serves kids and currently travel quite a bit for my job ( my guess is that I spent about 4 months worth of nights last year away from home.) I am looking for a new space because my housemates (married couple) will be selling their house this Spring but I would like to find a place to move into long term. 

    Currently, there are 2 of renting rooms in this house and we are both looking for new places to live so if there is a possibility of renting both rooms that would be ideal! ( we aren't necessarily looking for places together but since it may be a possibility) 

    Please email me at 

    Cristina Perez 

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