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Roommate Wanted

I am a professional 37 year old female, practicing Christian, a life certainly not perfect. I work a typical 9-5 and like to come to home to relax. Though my preference is to be a home body I do get out a couple nights of the week (generally church activities) and on weekends. I enjoy the outdoors, trying to sustain a moderately healthy lifestyle, grilling, gardening, and Netflix. I have a small-ish dog and cat who are both well behaved. I am okay with my roommate(s) having animals as long as there is a "trial meeting" to ensure they can get along. I like to keep common areas clean, however my separate living areas such as the bedroom may not be up to par until weekend cleaning. I appreciate common sense when it comes to picking up after yourself. I am looking for a down to earth person, someone established in life and career and/or school, someone dependable. If we get along well enough to form a friendship I welcome that, but if not, then I just ask that our relationship be respectable. Ideally I'd like to meet with any potential roommate(s) first to ensure we connect and are on the same page regarding our living arrangement. I would like find a place around Reston/Herndon and Fairfax or anywhere in between. Move in would be at any time but definitely by October 1. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.
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