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Family lawyer

   I attend NCC  for the past 2 1/2 years and   I am seeking some assistance and help for my brother . It breaks my heart that he had a  divorce that finalized about a year ago and there is his five-year-old daughter involved. When they got married His ex-wife was a Christian and as soon as the baby came she decided to walk away from her faith.  It breaks my heart how my brother suffers through her threats & manipulations and had tried to be gracious & fair and now she is threatening to file for full custody of my niece when he has abided by the law and is paying child support, he is involved in her life every other weekend & every other holiday in her life.  
He needs a pro bono attorney that can assist him at this time. He realized how expensive it is for this service but I'm sure  something can be worked out financially between the two of you. If you can assist him by listening to his  situation and taking on this case as soon as possible I would be more than happy  to connect the two of you .  My number is 770-912-5608 and we're both in the Marilyn area . 
 Thank you in advance.
In His Grip, 


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