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CF wanted for 2nd Bedroom in Park Georgetown/Oct 1

1 bedroom available in 2bedroom/1bath Park Georgetown Apartment Woodmont Layout.

I am looking for someone to take over my part of the lease through June 2018. This is for the 11.7x9.1 bedroom in the Woodmont layout. We are on the first floor which means instead of a balcony we have a little patio and a 2nd entrance which is about 5 steps from where we park our cars (parking is literally NEVER a problem-even if you come home at 0345 on a Saturday morning). We are also located directly next to the laundry room which makes this chore extremely easy. There is also a great package system which ensures that nothing gets lost or taken. There is a small fitness center which almost always available and cleaned every single day. The apartment is completely furnished with the exception of your bedroom-this includes the kitchen-but there is tons of closet space for storage.

Rosslyn Metro is about a 10-15min walk away which makes for easy and fast commuting. Great for nurses or nursing students- we are both RNs so no worries about someone waking you up at 0900 when you literally just went to bed post-night shift. 

Your new roommate is very friendly, loves Game of Thrones, a post-work glass of wine, makes new friends with the greatest of ease, bakes delicious cherry cobbler, and has a small dachshund named Pippa, who hates children and loves cheese. 

The only reason I am moving out is to get married so frankly I will probably be hanging out at your apartment on random weekday afternoons or weekends. I also love wine, cherry cobbler, and chick-flick movies. I am more than willing to provide pictures on request from serious inquiries. The rent is $961.42 a month and there is a $250 security deposit. Though Internet and electric are divided equally, you would be taking on responsibility for the electric bill which has never been over $100/month even when I cranked the AC down to 65 degrees for the entire month of July and still baked or cooked every single day. Looking forward to meeting you!


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